CSR & Sustainability

Corporate Social Responsibility

Since its inception, the PP International has been engaged in philanthropic projects from creating employment opportunities to contributing to the growth of the carpet weaving industry.

Our commitment to making beautiful home textile products in a responsible and sustainable way.

Why make home textile products in India?

Our craftspeople are at the heart of everything we do. We are proud to support the craftsmanship of India and are pleased to champion a beautiful heritage which is in danger of extinction. India’s long and proud tradition of weaving enables us to create home textile products of unparalleled quality and beauty. We are exporter of home textile products from India, making a vital contribution to the economy and providing sustainable employment to a large number of people.

The welfare of our weavers is of paramount importance to us. In addition, we take further responsibility for the health and wellbeing of those whose hard work creates our home textile products by providing mobile health clinics that visit our production centers on a regular basis.

Sustainable energy

The company has always believed in nurturing a responsible relationship with the environment and through this contribution, we hope to influence other entrepreneurs to make India a pollution free nation.

Reuse and recycle

Staunchly committed towards the cause of environmental conservation, PP International has always laid utmost importance to inculcating eco-friendly practices. The production of their floor furnishings is governed by a ‘reuse and recycle’ policy. Recycled denim, yarn made from recycled hosiery fabric, and PET yarn are used to make carpets, rugs and durries. Their efforts have been approved and certified according to GRS (Global Recycling Standards).

Social Responsibility

We challenge our organization daily to look for an environmental friendly approaches that further improve the performance and efficiency of our products and solutions.

Key processes: Comprise regular safety surveillance, inspections and internal audits; permit to work system for operational/maintenance safety. Necessary training is imparted to employees to enhance their awareness in health and safety related matters. 

Eco care: We have solar power, water recycling and improve waste management.